Ritual of Memory/Ritual de Memoria

Ritual de Memoria / Ritual of Memory

‘Ritual for Memory’ documents the urban art installation of the same name carried out in Bogotá between August and September of 2016. The project was launched as an artistic intervention in conjunction with the release of the film ‘Oscuro Animal’ by director Felipe Guerrero. It aimed to invoke the memory of lives cut short by the war in Colombia, particularly the victims of State crimes.

These faces are asking that we look them in the eyes once again so that we feel the necessary grief to protect them from oblivion.

These photographs call for dialogue through a reparative gaze. As people on the street pass by these faces, they bring to life the images of those now absent and confront us with a collective past as we are obliged to stop and look.

‘Ritual for Memory’ is a project by mutokino supported by the Movement of State Crimes Victims (Movimiento de Víctimas de Estado) and the World Cinema Fund from the Berlin Film Festival. 

‘Ritual for Memory’ was also exhibited at Cine Tonalá in Bogotá in 2016 and in P. Painlavé Square in Paris in 2017.

In memory

Claudia Patricia Monsalve
José Alfonso Delgado
Alfonso Cujabante Acevedo
Diana Cardona
Daniel Esteban Garzón
Sara Méndez de Cortés
Lady Dayanne Sánchez
Jhon Jairo Parejo Pérez
Edwin Enrique Arias Chávez